"Simplified Technologies" for Kids? 孩子的 "簡化科技" ?

Science for Kids

當我告訴人們,我們的的目標之一是使更多的小孩子認識科技,並打算以簡單易明的基本工具, 甚至玩具提高科技學習的樂趣和方便性,很多人 - 通常是成人 - 擔心,那不是只教一些 “簡單化了” 科技知識嗎? 這個我並不同意。

科技本身就是建基於一些自然理論,本身並非複雜,只是隨著人類智慧的成長, 把這些自然的理論巧妙地連貫起來, 以實現一些繁複的運作- 即科技。小孩子必須從“基本工”學習,把那些自然理論融會貫通,才能明白現有科技的原理,甚至能舉一反三的進行創作、發明。

另外,小孩的耐性不及成人,“簡單化了” 科技學習提供一個他們 “我也能控制!〞 的成就感,這直接伸延了孩子的求知欲和興趣。

如果你也同意以上的想法,我認為我的真正的挑戰就是如何把複雜的東西以容易理解的方式演練出來。此外,還要以一個具有趣味性的方式演繹。這就是Bach Code 的任務。
When I tell people, one of our goals is to enable more children to recognize science and technology, with simple and easy-to-understand basic tools, and even toy technology, for fun and convenience learning.  Many people - often adults - worry about, this implies to teach "simplified" scientific and technological knowledge? I do not agree.

The technology is based on some natural theories, which itself is not complicated. However, with the growth of human wisdom, the theory of these natural cleverly linked up in order to achieve some complex operation - namely, science and technology. The children must learn from the natural theory of mastery in order to understand the principle of the existing technology. This provides kids with knowledge for judging the whole of creation, invention.

In addition, a child's patience is less than adults. "Simplified" technology learning provides a "I can control!" sense of accomplishment. This is a direct extension of the child's curiosity and interest.

If you agree with the above ideas. I think our real challenge is how to make complex things easy to understand, and how to drill out with an interesting interpretation. This is our task of Bach Code Technology.