"Biff, Chip and Kipper Stories Series" - Encourage their Innocent Ideas 鼓勵孩子們天真的想法

Kids are born with creativity. However, under our current high pressure education system and the emphasis of discipline, kids' creativity is either neglected or banned.
Oxford Reading Tree - "Biff, Chip and Kipper Stories Series" is the series of books I would like to recommend for you and your kids. The stories happens because of kids creativity and dare to try. These are extremely important for future of our society. Reading these books together with your kids, you can also understand more about what your kids think as a parents.


我想建議和您的孩子系列的書 - Oxford Reading Tree -"Biff, Chip and Kipper Stories Series"裡面發生的故事由於孩子們創造力敢於嘗試我們未來社會非常重要作為家長孩子在一起閱讀這些書,你也更能了解孩子思維

"I said something was wrong. But nobody would listen. " 
-- Is this what your kids always complain to you?
- 這是不是你的孩子總是抱怨的 

The Toys' Party -- it's a dream for kids
玩具派對 - 這是一個孩子夢想

Mum was cross owing to the mess.

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