(Instructables) Green Tech Contest 綠色科技競賽

It's possible to love technology and the environment at the same time. In fact, we often use technology to make life more efficient and greener.  We see it in LED lights, solar power, drip irrigation, and so many more places.  So now Instructables has teamed up with RadioShack to bring you the GreenTech Challenge! Instructable and RadioShack want to see your own tech solutions to green problems. The grand prize is a new iPad and a solar kit so you can use your technology wherever you go!

Instructables and RadioShack are looking for a green solution that can help people use less materials or energy in any way. What that exactly means or how you do it is completely up to you. Just be sure to state what problem you're solving and what you did to fix it. So go to it and use your awesome tech skills to make a great green solution.
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同時愛技術和環境是可能的。事實上,我們經常使用的技術,使生活更高效,更環保。我們看到在LED燈,太陽能發電,滴灌,這麼多的應用。所以,現在 Instructables 已與 RadioShack 合作,給您綠色科技的挑戰!Instructables 和 RadioShack 希望看到你的高科技方案  如何解決綠色問題的。獎品是一個新的 iPad 和太陽能套件,讓你無論你走到哪裡,你可以用你的技術!
instructables 和 RadioShack 正在尋找一個綠色的解決方案,可以幫助人們以任何方式使用較少的材料或能源。你怎麼做是完全取決於你。只是一定要說明你解決什麼問題,你做了什麼解決它。所以去使用你真棒高科技技能,做出了綠色解決方案。

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