10 Strange DIY Robots 10個奇怪的DIY的機器人

PCMAG.com introduce ten strange (but funny) DIY Robots.

For example, #6, Owi Roly Poly Robot Kit

The Owi Roly Poly Robot Kit may look like a yo-yo, but there's no "walking the dog" here. Once you assemble its 20 parts, this robot can tumble, stumble, and fall but always manages to right itself. You can even personalize Roly Poly by drawing a picture of someone you love (or hate) and inserting it in the robot's dome. Although it's meant as an educational activity for students, this kit is definitely unusual. See what this robot can do for $22.95 from RoboToys.com.

source: www.pcmag.com (10 Strange DIY Robots )


例如,#6,OWI Roly Poly 機器人套件
OWI Roly Poly 機器人套件可能看起來就像一個溜溜球,但有沒有“遛狗”。一旦你組裝的20件,這個機器人可以用跌倒,但總是有辦法糾正自己。你甚至可以個性化Roly Poly 畫一個你愛的人(或討厭)的圖片,並插入機器人的圓頂。雖然它意味著作為一個學生的教育活動,這套件肯定是不同尋常的。見這個機器人可以 US$22.95美元從RoboToys.com購買。

來源:www.pcmag.com (10個奇怪的DIY的機器人)