"Zero-Carbon World" Preview Green East Kowloon 「零碳天地」預覽綠色東九龍

(Sing Tao Daily reported) Kowloon East project launched by the government, aiming at Kowloon East, including Kwun Tong, Kowloon Bay area activated into a new business district, to promote the greening of a number of environmental work in the area of Kowloon East. One of the project, "Zero-Carbon World", with advanced green building design as selling points, is a small pilot to be big inspiration for the future development of regional environmental direction.

Zero Carbon World has made ​​Hong Kong Green Building Award and the initial assessment for the highest certification level of green building environmental assessment of BEAM PLUS Platinum, a more general construction to reduce energy consumption by up to 45 percent.

First phase provides a wide public open space to Kwun Tong and nearby residents, and more specifically has added a tower to environmental protection and greening ideas. One of the layers, in irregular appearance reflecting of the piles of recycling waste paper on the pier, is a symbol of the reuse concept of environmental protection.  This tower has now become a landmark of the Kwun Tong Waterfront Promenade. The design concept also promotes environmental awareness, and also specifically to drip history of the cargo handling area into the new building. Therefore this is more representative of the community of Kwun Tong. Phase II will be extended from the existing Kwun Tong waterfront promenade with further region of seven hundred fifty meters. The project will be set up jogging facilities, a pavilion and cafe about to be completed by the end of 2014.


零碳天地已取得香港環保建築獎並經初步評審為綠色建築環保評核系BEAM PLUS的白金級最高認證級別,較一般建築減少能源消耗高達百分之四十五。

第一期除為觀塘及附近居民提供了一個寬闊的公共休憩空間,更特地加入了一幢以環保和綠化為意念的塔樓,其一層層不規則的外觀映照 當日碼頭上一疊疊的回收廢紙,象徵重用的環保理念。此塔樓現已成為觀塘海濱長廊的地標,設計除宣傳環保理念,也特意將貨物起卸區的點滴和歷史加入新建築,讓此地更能代表觀塘這個社區。第二期將會從現時的觀塘海濱長廊伸延多七百五十米,計畫將增設緩步跑設施、涼亭和咖啡室等,約2014年年底完成。

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